Wine Fridges FAQ / Our returns policy

Our returns policy 2018-02-14T09:41:53+00:00

At the WinesDirect, we want our all our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases and indeed our service – it’s what sets us apart.

We do recommend you read our Returns Policy prior to making a purchase from our website, so you are familiar with our policy on refunds and returns.


I’ve changed my mind and want to cancel my order!

We understand sometimes that hasty decisions are made, however once your payment has been received we immediately send your order for delivery and are unable to refund or offer an exchange.

Please review our buying guide to ensure you consider all details before ordering your fridge.

We reserve the right to reject any cancellation, refund deemed unfit or unreasonable.


Replacement of faulty/damaged goods

All our fridges are tested prior to delivery to ensure that they are fully functional; do not contain latent or patent defects and that they have a quality finish.

On the day of delivery, before you sign the delivery order accepting receipt of your fridge, our delivery team will inspect the fridge with you to ensure you are completely satisfied, making sure that the goods are of acceptable quality and that it matches the description of the item your ordered from our website.

In the unlikely event that there has been damage in transit or we have dispatched the wrong model, we will offer an immediate replacement at no further cost.