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About Us

Welcome to the new WinesDirect Launched in October 2006, WinesDirect was the first Malaysian on-line retailer of wines with delivery […]

Wine Fridge Buying Guide

Wine Fridge Buying Guide With the growing interest in wine in Malaysia and an increasing number of us prepared to […]

Coupons & Offers

Coupons & Offers Here at WinesDirect we love our wines, we believe good wine should be enjoyed and more importantly […]


Decanting Decanting releases and maximises aromas and flavours, in both red and a few white wines. It allows your wine […]

How To Taste Wine

Everyone who enjoys a glass of wine can taste wine ‘properly’. All it takes is a little extra concentration and a few pointers on what to look for. Here are our simple guidelines on how to gain maximum pleasure!

Champagne Moments

What makes Champagne, well Champagne? Champagne is a single Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, meaning only sparkling wine produced in its namesake […]

The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match Eight rules-of-thumb for food and wine pairing: If you are taking wine as a gift to a […]

Grapes Explained

Grapes Red grapes explained – white below. Click on lists to shortcut to desired variety: Red Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon […]

Wine Q&A – Part 1

Wine Q&A – Part 1 Q: How many harvests do you get a year? Just one, starting around September in […]

Wine Q&A – Part 2

Wine Q&A – Part 2 Q: Why are some wines not suitable for vegetarians? Normally this is because of the […]